General Practitioners

IT&T Solutions understands the unique IT and telecommunications requirements for a GP practice. Whether your practice is independent, a franchise, private or multi-site, we can help. Just like GPs, we’re generalists too.

We have a breadth of knowledge in all things medical IT services and telecommunications to take care of all your needs end-to-end. Better yet, unlike other IT and telecommunications providers, we have extensive knowledge of the requirements, workflows and policies unique to a GP practice. We’ve worked with countless GPs in the Illawarra region.

We understand the ins and outs of a GP practice such as:

The policies and procedures a GP needs to follow

How the Medicare system works and how doctors bulk bill and get paid by Medicare

The different types of Medicare certificates required

How the pathology, radiology, hospital discharges and specialist referral correspondances work and their work flow

The radiology and pathology applications needed on the system and their work flow

How digital prescription works

The general practitioners accreditation process under the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

How to support the major applications like Medical Director clinical, Medical Director Pracsoft, Best Practice and Genie

How to set up a paperless practice

The importance of medical records and how to protect them

Everything about medical practice setup including phones, computers, servers, network, printers

Our understanding of how a GP practice works is a huge asset when it comes to delivering medical IT and telecommunications which meets the unique needs of your practice.


We have extensive experience providing medical IT and telecommunications services for radiology practices in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney regions.We understand the unique requirements, policies and workflows of a radiology practice, enabling us to deliver a superior service. This includes:

The specialist IT terms and systems in radiology such as AE Title, network device modality, worklist (CRM) and pacs (storage system).

How specialist radiology systems work and how they are interconnected.

The legal obligations of a radiology practice such as keeping x-ray images for seven years.

The hardware and storage requirements of a radiology practice.

How to support radiology applications such as Intelerad and Comrad.

How the typist receives the information and what systems are used to deliver the reports back to the GP.

Working with an medical IT and telecommunications provider with a deep understanding of how a radiology practice works gives you enhanced outcomes and peace of mind that your provider can meet the specific needs of your practice.

Day Surgeries and Private Hospitals

Thanks to our extensive experience in supporting the IT and telecommunications requirements of day surgeries and private hospitals, we have a deep understanding of the specific requirements, policies and workflows and deliver tailored solutions. This includes:

What systems the hospital or surgery will need from nurse call, to phone systems, security systems like CCTV and access control

The applications used in day surgeries and private hospitals and how to support them

Cabling and networking requirements including TVs

Our extensive knowledge of day surgeries and private hospitals enables us to deliver a better service which meets your unique needs.

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Michelle Oliver
Practice Manager
Market Street Medical Practice

You guys are awesome. I know I can rely on you all for much appreciated help. Thanks for being there for us all especially in these difficult times.

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