Preparing for return to the Office

CommBox gives you flexible options as you consider the best ways to return to the office. In the future, all offices will require different kinds of spaces to facilitate blended working, where some members of the team will be in the office while others are working remotely.

Mobile Collaboration
Ideation Space
Small Space

The IT&T Experience

Every business deserves the IT&T Experience.

Collaborate + Connect

Meet, present, ideate without limitations. Connect any device, turn any space into a meeting room

Integrate with everything

CommBox is hardware and software agnostic

Fast Support

Dedicated Australian Support Team and premium Onsite Support

5 Year Warranty

All our screen products come with at least a 5 year warranty

Stay up to date

Keep you CommBox products up to date with our OTA framework

No matter how you work

CommBox is your collaboration partner…

No matter where you work or how you work CommBox is the perfect collaboration partner. CommBox works seamlessly in:

  • Agile Ideation Sessions
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Sprint Planning Meetings
  • Strategy workshops
  • Design Sprints
  • Huddles
  • Virtual Offsites and more

No matter what applications you use, you can access these via CommBox.


In-Person Collaboration

Brainstorm anytime, anywhere. CommBox touchscreens replaces your whiteboard, flipcharts and dated projectors. Utilise the built-in whiteboard or open the browser and use your favourite brainstorming app like Microsoft whiteboard, Jamboard, Stormboard or Miro. Save the collaboration session onto the cloud and share with team mates.

Virtual Collaboration

You might be collaborating in a huddle room and you need to invite a remote team member to collaborate. This is easy with CommBox Touchscreens. Simply jump on Zoom or Teams and share the screen. Invite the team member to the brainstorming app and collaborate in real time.

Our Display products

Create endless possibilities and make sharing ideas simple.

Stimulate the senses with stunning visual clarity, rich premium audio and a superior touch experiences. Featuring 4K resolution, screen sharing, built in Wifi and OPS slots with both touch and non touch options, CommBox has the perfect range of screens for every business.

Hassle-free Video Conferencing

We believe in inter-operability. To achieve true connection our CommBox products need to be software agnostic, so that no matter which VC platform you choose our products work seamlessly.


Transform your meeting & training rooms

Add the OPS PC, camera, mic and speakers for the ultimate video conference set up. View text comfortably that’s flicker-free with Blue Light eye-care. Put a commercial display or touchscreen onto one of our mobile stands and allow any space to turn into a collaboration space for your team.

The perfect VC partner

CommBox works with all the leading video conferencing providers. Bundle a touchscreen or display with Jabra, Yealink, Poly, Creston or more. CommBox is hardware agnostic and works with your chosen VC hardware. Turn any room into a Teams or Zoom room.

Turn Every Room Into A Collaboration Space

Achieve true harmony and collaboration by pairing the CommBox VC kit with other CommBox products


Mount Front of Room & Side of Room

CommBox touchscreens and displays can be mounted in what we call “front of house” position where your existing VC displays are. The touch capability means that your front of house screen can also double up as an in-room collaboration screen.

CommBox touchscreens and displays can be mounted in what we call “side of house” position on a side wall which can be used from in room collaboration while the VC is running. Great for strategy or board meetings.

If you have a Surface Hub already. Team it with a Pulse. Have the Pulse front of house for VC and use the Surface Hub side of house for in-room collaboration.


Annotate Everywhere

The CommBox Interactive range lets you annotate on any content. Grab a stylus pen and make notes on the whiteboard, on the web browser, on any Microsoft application if an OPS is added. Annotation improves understanding and collaboration. Highlight important points, add comments from your team mates and share later.

Built-in Whiteboard

The CommBox Whiteboard works just as you expect. It allows you and your colleagues or customers to collaborate in realtime. Invite multiple people to share their ideas, powered by our 20 point touch technology. You may prefer Microsoft Whiteboard, Jamboard, or any other whiteboard, with two touches you can jump there and start using it. Share these whiteboards with your team or customers and collaborate in real time.

Write effortlessly, natural & fluid with CommBox touch technology

CommBox’s touch technology is an advanced finely tuned handwriting experience. This allows users to create more natural writing on the screen. CommBox touch technology also offers a smooth writing experience when used with HDMI, VGA, and other signal sources, ensuring maximum flexibility.

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